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Merciful MenuThe issue of companion animal overpopulation, neglect and cruelty is a terrible tragedy in American society. There are many individuals and organizations in Georgia and across the country devoted to alleviating this type of suffering, and their commitment to saving homeless pets is truly heroic. However, the issue of companion animal humane societies serving meat at their fundraisers has long concerned many in the greater animal welfare community. It seems odd if not downright hypocritical for an organization that claims to care about the lives of cats and dogs to seem to care little about the lives of other animals.

VSG understands that meat-eating is a habit and/or a tradition for many people – a dietary "choice" that most people never think about because they were simply raised to eat meat. But modern meat production involves extreme cruelty, from the factory farms where animals are kept in overcrowded, filthy conditions to the slaughterhouses where many die in terrible pain despite so-called "humane slaughter" laws. For this reason, people who work to alleviate the suffering of cats and dogs ought to consider the moral implications of harming one kind of animal to help another.

VSG has chosen "Be Kind to Animals Week" 2008 to launch its new "Merciful Menu" campaign, which asks humane societies in Georgia to sign a pledge that they will offer only meat-free meals at their events. By doing so, they will extend compassion to all animals and set a more humane example. VSG also plans to work with restaurants and caterers in Georgia to offer discounts to humane societies who wish to serve meat-free foods. With vegetarianism growing in popularity, for health and humane reasons, more and more products are available that make meat-free dining better than ever!

You can help by encouraging your own local shelter or rescue group to take the "Mericful Menu" pledge. All groups who sign the pledge will be featured on our Web site and will receive as much support as we can offer.

You can also help by making a donation to help pay for the printing and postage necessary to send "Merciful Menu" materials to all of the humane societies and rescue groups in Georgia – and there are many! We cannot succeed without your financial support. All donations earmarked for this campaign will go directly and exclusively toward promoting Merciful Menus.

To support this effort, please send checks payable to Vegetarian Society of Georgia, P.O. Box 56174, Atlanta, GA 30343. For more information, to send us an email or call (770) 365-7464.

Please send all donations and correspondence to:
Vegetarian Society of Georgia
PO Box 56174
Atlanta, GA 30343
to Email us.

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