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The Vegetarian Society of Georgia is a statewide information and networking resource for vegetarians, vegans and the �vegi-curious� who want to enjoy a healthier and more humane lifestyle. It is an all-volunteer group that relies on the participation and support of people who want to create positive change in Georgia. Please join us!

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Happy Humane Thanksgiving!

Because several Atlanta-area Meetup groups had already scheduled Thankgiving-related events, we did not want to compete with them by hosting yet another. So this year we encourage you to contact those groups (see below) as a way of getting together with like-minded people closest to you.

There are great holiday recipes available online, including those published by VegNews, Plant-Powered Kitchen, The Vegetarian Resource Group and more! Try something new this year, and post your favorites on our Facebook page.

Events and Meetups

Because the size of the metro Atlanta area makes regular meetings tricky to coordinate, regional Meetup groups geared toward vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are a great way to connect with others closest to you. We encourage you to go to Meetup.com and search for the Atlanta Vegetarian & Vegan Group and the Atlanta Vegan and Healthy Lifestyle Celebration, as well as Veggie Kids for families with young children. Other veg-oriented Meetups in Georgia include the Savannah Vegan Meetup Group, the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) Vegetarian Society, the Athens Area Veg Network, Vegans of Athens, and the Coastal Georgia Veg Group. If you know of others you�d like us to list, please .

We are now on Facebook. Click on the Facebook button below to visit us.

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Who's More Environmentally Responsible, A Vegan Driving an SUV or a Meat-Eater Driving a Hybrid? Click here to see the CNN clip!

Join VSG's "Merciful Menu" Campaign!

merciful menuHelp VSG encourage humane societies and pet rescue groups in Georgia to serve only meat-free foods at their special events. Ask them to extend compassion to all animals by signing our "Merciful Menu" pledge! Click here for details.

Are you tired of settling for salads when you eat out? VSG has a new "Veg-Friendly FEEDback" card for you to download, print, and carry with you so that you can leave behind comments that encourage restaurants to offer more vegetarian and vegan menu items. Click here to download; there are three flyers to a page (they look best in color). Make your veggie voice heard!

VSG Needs Volunteers to Help With�

�our member discount program
�staffing information tables at events
�organizing regional events

Please at or call (770) 365-7464 if you have even a few hours to spare! We'd like to have contacts in all parts of metro Atlanta as well as Macon, Savannah and Athens

Own a Vegetable Garden for a Healthier Lifestyle

Vegetarian diet is considered to be a healthier diet in many ways. Vegetables and fruits are rich in fibre, vitamins, folic acid, unsaturated fats and minerals. As such, these are highly recommended by dieticians for reducing cholesterol and for eliminating the risks of high blood pressure and heart diseases. A vegetarian or a vegan diet can also help people losing weight and looking good. Hence developing a vegetable garden and growing vegetables and fruits are becoming more a necessity of smart living that can also be accepted as a pleasant hobby.

Benefits of a vegetable garden

Having your own vegetable garden can be beneficial in many ways.

  • You do not need to spend a lot of your hard earned money and spend hours in the stores for your choice of vegetables and fruits.
  • You can sell your surplus picks to balance the maintenance expenses.
  • You can gift them to friends and neighbours at a time when they are quite expensive.
  • The quality of your vegetables, green herbs and fruits will be better.
  • Growing vegetables involves the entire family and extends a sense of togetherness.
  • The children will eat more fruits that they have grown themselves.
  • Tall trees will offer shade and cool your home in summers.
  • Well maintained gardens look beautiful and give a sense of pride to the owners
  • Gardening often gives rise to new opportunities and interests.
  • Reducing the use of chemical fertilizers helps in reducing environmental pollution.

Size of the garden

A few things are to be considered carefully to decide the size of the garden.

Depending on these considerations the garden can be small or a large. Plan, research and take guidance from experts and make the best use of your available space. If you have a large stretch of land, you can always have a lush green lawn surrounded by flower beds and veggie beds. It can be a comforting outdoor space for your guests and your family. The lawn can be maintained easily with a zero turn lawn mower with installed apps to provide you with useful statistics related to your garden and lawn.

Cooking Vegetarian-Friendly Dishes on Gas Smokers

Barbecues are popular among foodies. Usually, it involves meat-- cooked and roasted over flames. However, more and more people are now opting for smoked vegetable recipes cooked in gas smokers set in an open space for an enjoyable barbecue. Slow and relaxed process of smoking is a great way to have a nice time with friends- chatting, joking and experimenting new recipes.

The smoking procedure uses a smoky air to heat the food and then to maintain a low temperature to tenderize it. As you will see in many propane smoker reviews they are perfect for cooking large chunks of vegetables or whole vegetables like corn, cabbage, potatoes and even jackfruit. It is made interesting by adding homemade sauces and marinades.

Smokers are used for cooking both kinds of food- vegetarian and non vegetarian. Smoked vegetables are just as tasty when their unique flavours are made especially tempting by the flavours of slow smoke. You can smoke tomatoes for a special taste in salsa and other vegetables for smoky soups and sauces too. Hence vegetarians or vegans can have an outdoor party and enjoy the fun of smoked veggies and fruits.

Opinions vary as to the best way of using a gas smoker for cooking vegetarian dishes. Some people lay stress on the use of a particular wood while others emphasize the use of charcoal for creating the smoke. Some say that the veggies taste best when cooked whole while yet others like it chopped and stuffed.

If you are a novice cook with a new gas smoker here are a few instructions to use your gas smoker safely.

  1. First of all, read the instructions that come with your gas smoker for specific operational details.
  2. Then, place wooden chips of your choice and smoke it for a few minutes without any food. This will prepare your smoker.
  3. Line the smoke racks with aluminium foil to prevent cooked vegetables from dripping. Line up the moisture rack with foil and add some water in it. Light the smoker by turning the propane button and pressing the ignition button.
  4. Oil you vegetables. Use marinade, sauces, spices of your choice. After igniting the heat source tune the smoker for maximum heat. Add food when the chips in the smoker begin to smoke.
  5. Turn down the heat and set it to a low temperature. Keep checking and adding chips.
  6. Remove cooked vegetables with the help of smoker gloves.
  7. Enjoy smoked vegetarian delights!

Natural Memory Foam Mattress

In ancient times, long before beds were invented, men used to just lie down on soft grass, pile of leaves or hay stacks and feel relaxed. Later on, the beds were invented and mattresses were stuffed with feathers, wool or cotton. With the passage of time came the age of springs and wires, and then the synthetic foam. These mattresses were defective in one way or the other. They were said to trap body heat and cause uneasiness. They also caused rigidness of bones and led to circulation problems.

In the modern times, there are mattresses that use Natural Memory Foam. Such mattresses are said to be the best as the foam balances from an extra firm mattress to more cushioning according to the weight of the body parts. Memory foam mattresses ensure a deep comfortable sleep without any painful twists and turns.

Plant components are used in making natural memory foam

Memory foam is made up of processed sap of rubber tree. The organic essential oils of grape seeds, jasmine and cane flower are used for fragrance and softness of the foam layers. At times, these layers are infused with Aloe Vera gel to keep the skin comfortable. The outer cover of memory foam mattress is strong linen spun of organic cotton. Even the adhesives that are utilized to hold the linings and layers together are liquid latex of plants.

However, we need to be careful of duplicate memory foam mattresses that simply boast of being natural and make use of synthetic materials.

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